Invitation to join our Sales and Distribution Network

We are establishing our European Sales and Distribution Network consists of experienced, top quality sales and distribution contractual partners capable to reach and support the most demanding customers. We are inviting

  1. Sales Agents
  2. Dealers
  3. Importers, Wholesalers and/or Distributors

We guarantee an exclusivity to all our sales and distribution partners who will successfully go through the entire selection procedure and a trial period of 6 months.

Basic Selection Criteria

  • officially registered well established business entity (either a company or a sole proprietor);
  • entity with a proven track record in dealing with similar or complementary type of products and in supporting high demanding customers;
  • non-presence of our exclusive partner in your area.

In case your activities and experience fall under one of three above mentioned groups and you fulfil the basic criteria you are invited to contact us via the Enquiry Form / Area of Interests=Partnership /. We will contact you shortly and explain you more details on our selection procedure.